The Skyline Classes have Resumed! 

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About Skyline's Dog Agility Classes:

Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports - you may have seen it featured on television. Needless to say, nothing is ever as easy as the pro’s make it look, but agility training is a great way for you and your dog to work together as a team. It may be one of the only times each week that you and your dog get to spend one-on-one with each other. Yes, it is fun to learn the obstacles but the desire to want to work and learn with your dog is the key.

Our classes are small and each team works at their individual pace. All training is positive with the use of many rewards such as food and toys, no choke chains or corrections. The aim of the class is for you and your dog to have fun together, this is not “puppy playtime” between dogs.




PHONE: 845.327.8854


7 Week Session

$140 Members

$165 Associate and Non-members

Multi-Class Discount ~ 2nd dog or class

$126 members

$148 Associate and Non-members

6 Week Session

$120 Members 

$142 Associate and Non-Members
Multi-Class Discount ~ 2nd dog or class $

108 members

$128 Associate and Non-members

5 Week Session

$100 Members

$118 Associate and Non-Members
Multi-Class Discount ~ 2nd dog or class

$90 members

$106 Associate and Non-members


$30.00 non-member and $25.00 Member. If you plan to drop in, please contact the Class Coordinator prior to make sure there is room.


Early Bird Special  

  • See postmarked date on reg form and take $5.00 off per HANDLER

  • Families/People working more than 1 dog…. You may either take the multidog discount with one $5.00 early bird or sign up individually and each handler may take the $5.00 discount but then no multidog discount.

  • For multidog discount with dogs taking different days of class, whatever week session signed up for has the most total weeks is the base price, and the discounted price is the additional class.  


New Student Discount

  • First time students take $10.00 off first class registration

Please Note:


  • Students are required to help out in class setting bars to keep class flowing

  • Any dog that has never been in an agility class will start in beginners or foundation regardless of age. If you need help in selecting your class please contact either your previous instructor or e-mail the Class Coordinator. 

  • Any classes missed by students must be “made-up” in the same session of classes.  If you wish to do a class “make-up” or drop in, please email Class Coordinator to check for space.

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