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Class Registration

  • Fill out the form.  All fields with a star are required. If none of the information has changed since last time you filled out the form then you can leave any non-required fields blank.  This information and payment are required in advance of taking a class.

  • Fill out the top of the form first.  Then enter the data for each dog.

  • All new students must complete all the information and the Dog Questionnaire..

  • Check that you have selected the correct membership or non-membership button.

  • Make sure you select the correct payment method.

  • If you have a previous credit then enter it as a positive amount.

  • The discount is automatically calculated based on the dates.

  • After entering all the information click on the Calculate button which will show the different costs for each of the three methods of payment.

  • Click on the checkbox to agree to the waiver.

  • Click on the Submit button.

  • If you selected either of the PayPal payment methods, a PayPal page will display.

  • An email will be sent to the email address you entered in the form.  The same information will be emailed to the Class Coordinator.


Important Note:  If there are any issues with your registration you will receive a follow-up email from the Class Coordinator.  You will receive an automatic email you receive immediately after you sign up..

In the event that you cannot attend a meeting of your class, you may do a “make-up” in another class during the same session if available. You must notify the Instructor of that class for approval prior to making up a class. 

Refunds before the session starts may be given only if requested in writing and may be subject to a 20% processing fee.  

BAD WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather which can happen any time of year, or an emergency, your instructor will notify you by email or text of a class cancellation.   A Class credit will be issued for the next session if Skyline cancels a class which cannot be made up.

You agree by signing below to adhere to the 5-mph speed limit while driving on the property including to and from the Skyline barn.

Membership Status

Dog 1

Heading 5

Heading 5

Dog 2

Heading 5

Heading 5

Dog 3

Heading 5

Heading 5

Dog 4

Heading 5

Heading 5

To complete registration, you must now scroll down, click on waiver checkbox and press Submit
Payments are due upon registering and should be submitted no later than the closing date

Paying With a Check

  • Returning students can leave their check in the mailbox at the barn or mail to: 

Kim Sprenger,

61 Shore Blvd., 

Slate Hill, NY  10973

  • You will need to mail in your check.

  • There are no additional charges for using a check.  This will calculate automatically when you click on the Calculate button.  Please also note that there will be a $20 fee for any checks returned by our bank for any reason, such as “insufficient funds”.

Paying With PayPal QR Code

  • In order to be able to pay with your PayPal QR code you will need a smartphone, a PayPal account, and the latest version of the PayPal application on your phone.

  • The additional charge is 2.99%. This will calculate automatically when you click on the Calculate button.

Paying With PayPal

  • You can either login to your PayPal account or pay with Guest access.

  • The additional charge is $0.49 + 3.49%. This will calculate automatically when you click on the Calculate button.

Covenant and Assumption of Risk


I understand that my attendance and participation at any Skyline Agility Club, Inc. (‘Skyline”) event including but not limited to classes, agility trials, seminars, and ring rentals, etc is not without risk to myself, my dog(s) or any family member or guest who might be present at such function. Some dogs to which we might be exposed may be difficult to control or conceivably be aggressive towards other canines, and may be a cause of injury even when handled with care.


I further understand that agility obstacles and courses, by their inherent nature, pose potential hazards to dogs and handlers, even when pursued with care. I have examined and am familiar with the Skyline training facility, its obstacles and surrounding area and agility course, and assume all reasonable and customary risks incidental thereto.


I hereby agree not to make any claim for injury of any nature which I or any family member may sustain by reason of the foregoing participation, and agree not to make any claim for injuries or damage to me, my family or dog, unless brought about due to gross negligence of Skyline, its agents, members, representatives or employees (if any).


In further consideration of the foregoing and as an inducement to my participation in a Skyline Agility sponsored events including, but not limited to, classes, trials, seminars, and ring rentals (“Events”), I do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless and make no claim against any Skyline members, agents, representatives or employees (if any), except to the extent that any injury is brought about by the gross negligence of Skyline, or such members, agents, representatives, etc. I covenant and agree to make no claim against Skyline or any of its members or representatives unless such injuries are brought about by gross negligence, as aforesaid. This agreement, which I have read and understand, is not to be construed as a release, but as a covenant not to sue in the absence of gross negligence, as aforesaid.

I further affirm that my dog(s) are healthy, free of parasites or communicable disease and are up to date on  all protocols as recommended by my veterinarian. 

Only press the submit button once.
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