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Congratulations to Skyline @Westminster!! 

The Masters Agility Championship


There have been many of us @ Westminster... Working and playing! Where is Skyline? EVERYWHERE!!

Here is some important information on how you can watch this year's Masters Agility Championship along with other programs like Obedience...

Click here 

Go here to find out how to watch this year's Westminster fun! 

Saturday, February 8, 2020



A7th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Preliminary Rounds


Sunday, February 9, 2020


from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm EST on, WKC App, and FOX Sports App Channel FS1

  • Herding and Hound Breed Judging

  • 5th Annual Masters Obedience Championship

VIDEOS ON DEMAND of Breed Judging available on and WKC App

FS1 TELECAST from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST on, WKC App, and FOX Sports App

  • 7th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Finals 


This year our long time member and trainer, Lavonda Herring will judging! Article

And, if you get a glimps of the scribing and timing table, you'e see our very own Christine Miele! 

At Meet the Breeds, our Executive Board member, Alice Carter gave the packed crowd a thrill as she ran her very own Dachshund, Tipsy around an agility course!!

Take a look! 

And, front and center, working very hard, the one and only skyline member, (dressed in black) Beverly Pietrucha!!

Also working in the Agility prelims classes were dynamic duos: Carol and Harry Wert, as well as Jill and Rob Conroy. Way to represent this wonderful family sport!!


Since the beginning, the Conroy's have made it an annual event. Here is a picture of Rob and Murphy getting their very prestigious AKC Westminster MACH at the very first Westminster Masters Agility CH!


And, let's not forget,  Team Jill and Maggie showed off their agility expertise running at Westminster as well!!

And, not to be outdone by Tipsy, Team Alice and Delta had a grand performance at that very first agility event in 2014. 

Skyline's Seminar Coordinator, Karen Profenna, has made her stamp at this event with her award winning , athlete and entertainer, Ms. Hailey! 10-year-old Boston terrier-beagle mix ,Hailey, won the No. 1 mixed-breed agility dog! In other news, Team Karen and Hailey demonstrated some of 175 tricks, dazzling the crowds !!

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