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Arlene Spooner bio: 

Arlene was introduced to agility training with the help of a Beagle she fostered. After graduating from Williams College, she got her start competing in agility with a rescued Afghan Hound and a rescued Cocker Spaniel. Despite the extra challenges these dogs provided, she was immediately hooked. She has since competed across all regular jump heights and with a very wide variety of breeds, including earning MACHs on Standard Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, her Manchester Terrier (who has also earned his FTC and recently retired with MACH17), her Shetland Sheepdog (MACH3), a Border Collie, and a Parson Russell Terrier.

Although she competes in conformation, obedience and rally, she has always felt that nothing compares to the rush of agility. While competing and instructing, she also expanded her commitment to agility to include judging and in 2014 became an AKC Agility Executive Field Representative.

As an active, long time member of Skyline Agility Club of Northern New Jersey, Arlene is looking forward to a fun summer of Team Building mini sessions.

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