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Hotel bed pillows




We are counting on you to be on your best behavior in order to

maintain the working relationship with our motels. Our hard-earned

reputation, as well as our ability to continue hosting trials, is certainly

on the line and dependent on YOUR cooperation. We follow up on

any complaints from motel owners or guests, so please report any

issues to us.

  • Double-check on rates & charges. Call to confirm your reservation a few days before arriving.

  • As is standard agility procedure, all handlers/owners will pick up after their dogs. Please bag and dispose of dog waste properly.

  • Please cover the motel’s bedding with a sheet or blanket from home, whether or not you think your dog will get on the bed.

  • Don’t EVER leave dogs unattended. Take them with you when you go out for dinner. Even the best of dogs can get carried away in a motel room without you present.


Please check with Hotel to make sure dogs are accepted and for

current rates.


Microtel Inn & Suites 19 Crystal Run Crossing, Middletown, NY

10941 (845) 692-0098. 4.5 miles to trial site

Hampton Inn 20 Crystal Run Crossing, Middletown, NY 10941

(845) 344-3400. 4.5 miles to trial

Super 8 Motel 563 Route 211 East, Middletown, NY 10940

(845) 692-5828. 4 miles to trial site

Holiday Inn Express-Chester 76 Brookside Ave., Chester, NY

10918 (800) 664-9505 8 miles to show site

Super 8 Motel-Newburgh 1287 Route 300, Newburgh, NY 12550

(845) 564-5700. 20 miles to trial site.

Best Western Inn at Hunt’s Landing, 103 Reuben Bell Drive,

Matamoras, PA 18336 (570) 491-2400. 25 miles to trial site.

Scottish Inns. 274 Route 6 & 209, Milford, PA 18337.

(570) 491-4414. 26 miles to trial site.








Self-contained RV parking will be permitted at the trial site for a limited number of vehicles (10-12 vehicles).  Once the RV limit is reached, a wait list may be established. 


NO HOOKUPS. Pre-registration and payment are required. Fees are $15 per night (Non-members), $10 per night (Members).


No RVs on site before 3 pm on Friday. No overnight parking on Sunday


ALL generators must use a mechanism (Gen-Turi or suitable

exhaust hose) to direct on-board generator exhaust away from

neighboring RVs.


1. Park an awning length apart.

2. Venting your exhaust is required, Gen-turi is recommended or some

type of top venting. If you are hose venting, your hose must

extend safely past your neighbors’ RVs to prevent your ground

venting fumes from going into your neighbor’s windows, or you

will have to move.

3. Please take your garbage to the end of the property where you will

find the large garbage bin Do not take your RV garbage to the barn

containers.  Place recycling in containers provided in barn.

5. Dogs cannot be left outside all night.

6. Cars are not permitted to park in front of the RVs, blocking the

access for campers


TENT CAMPING:  Tent campers are welcome.  Fee is $15 per night.  In recognition of the weather dependence of tent camping, tent campers are not required to register in advance of the trial.  Tent campers may mail payment and completed (relevant parts) form before the trial closing date.  Alternatively, they may give the form and payment to the RV coordinator on the first trial day attended. 


DAY PARKING OF RVS:  Campers that can fit in a regular parking space are permitted to day park without fee.  Larger RVs must contact the RV coordinator to determine whether there is space.  There is no fee if the larger RV is going in and out every day as long as advance permission has been obtained. 

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