I started doing agility in 2002 with my first dog, Belgian Sheepdog named Kira.  My journey with Kira earned her the titles AX and AXJ. 

Under the guidance of world renowned Agility Instructor Diane Bauman, I was taught how to teach agility.  In January 2012 with Diane’s blessing I started my Agility teaching career.

I teach many breeds of dogs, from working dogs to rescue dogs.  As an instructor I enjoy teaching handling and teaching agility from the dogs Point of View.  I have acute observational skills and can easily fix any problems that come up.    I watch and learn how each team communicates with each other which helps each team have a great experience.

Learning is infinite and as an instructor it is my responsibility to my students to keep learning so we can all continue to have fun and play the game for many years.  I currently continue to trial my 3rd Belgian Sheepdog & a rescue Border Collie. 


All of my dogs have attained their Masters titles in Agility.A