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I always loved being around animals and my first exposure to dog training was as a child, when my Aunt took me with her unruly mixed breed to dog training classes where I watched fascinated perched amongst the German Shepherds. 


Many years later, on Christmas morning, my first American Eskimo Delilah escaped the front door.   I had to chase her through my neighbors’ backyards in my pajamas.  The next month, we enrolled in a basic obedience class and so my journey began.

My dog training experience spans 20 years of competition in Obedience and Agility with over 15 years of instructing either Obedience and/or Agility from Beginner Foundation to Master Competition.  During my obedience career I competed locally and nationally at the AKC Obedience Invitational and the Illini Association Obedience Regional and Classic Tournaments against the top handlers in the country with both my American Eskimo dogs who consistently placed in the top ten of their division.  

After completing her Obedience UDX title, I took Delilah to an 8 week Agility class with Barbara Miller, then entered my first AKC Agility Trial, qualified and placed in Novice Standard.  (A very lucky combination of a highly trained dog and the simple Novice courses at the time.)   But what drew me to Agility, from the precision of competitive obedience, was the freedom to strategize a course and run with my dogs.  And all my dogs love the game as much as I do!!!   The sport of Dog Agility has grown in so many ways and has taught me so many important life lessons.   In Agility, I compete locally, but also have the honor to compete at AKC Agility Invitational where only the top 5 in the country of any breed are invited.

My philosophy is train the dog you have.  I believe in a balanced approach and working with that particular dog or handler to keep them engaged and learning.    I do have a basic foundation training program, but really try to “read” the dog and handler so to better enhance their training experience.   I enjoy teaching beginner dogs and their owners, watching them master the obstacles, developing handling skills, the confidence from both dogs and owners and sharing the happy moments whether it be ‘Fido’ finally did the 20 foot tunnel or a first qualifying run and ribbons or a first Master Champion.   It is all about the journey.

I have been an instructor at Staten Island Companion Dog Club, K9 Campus and Skyline Agility.   I have been an active member of various dog clubs including Staten Island Companion Dog, Skyline Agility Club, Garden State Golden Retriever, NE American Eskimo Club and the Norwegian Buhund Club of America. I have volunteered my time as President, Agility Director, Assistant Obedience Training Director and other Committee positions.   With Donna Anderson, I also manage Paws Up On Health, an all natural pet product business.

Currently I have earned titles in the following venues: AKC Master Championship, USDAA Master, NADAC Elite, UKC AGII and dabbled in both CPE Agility and UKI Agility.  I have also done some herding and have had two dogs finish their Breed Championships in the conformation ring.  While many leashes of many breeds have passed through my hands, and I have had purebreds, mixed breeds and rescues, my current partners are Norwegian Buhunds and Golden Retrievers.   

Current Agility Accomplishments:

  • 5 time Invitee to AKC Agility Invitational with 5 Top Breed Awards

  • 5 Master Agility Championship (MACH) Titles with  6th and 7th in progress

  • Golden Retriever Club of America Agility Dog Hall Of Fame Award

  • Numerous local trial placements, ribbons and awards

  • Every time I step to start line with my dogs….. priceless

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