Remember this sport is all about having fun with you dog! The ribbons, competitions, titles, etc are great… but this activity is really about spending quality time with your dog on course, win, loose, etc. If you and your dog are out there doing your best and having fun that is all that matters.


Do your research. Make sure this is something you are ready for. Training and practice takes time. Don’t just jump in if you aren’t ready to commit. Spend time online reading articles and forums, visit training facilities, and talk to other handlers and trainers for advice, opinions, etc.


Research various organizations to decide which one may be right for your and your dog: AKC, ASCA, CPE, FCI, NADAC, TDAA, USDAA, UKC. Each association has their own rules, and guidelines for courses and equipment.


Learn about all the equipment your dog will encounter when out on the course and tackle one piece of equipment at a time. We recommend training the tunnel as dogs really like to run, and race through the tunnels. As you can see from photos on our site, as well as tunnels used in practice and competition settings, the vinyl dog tunnel can be configured into a straight line or curved shapes when out on the course.


Make sure you talk to your VET to find out if your dog is ready for agility training. You want to make sure that your dogs developing joints are not harmed if you begin your training too soon.

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