About Us


...is to provide you and your dog with a safe and fun learning environment. We hope to strengthen the bond between you and your dog by promoting confidence and teamwork."

In 1995 we held our first seminar (an agility games seminar, with Jean McKenzie), a fun match, our required AKC "A" match, our first AKC trial, and hosted a 2-day AKC judges seminar! The following spring we held our first NADAC trial, in conjunction with Contact Agility Club, and have been growing rapidly ever since.

We are currently celebrating our 25th anniversary with over 90 members ranging from those just starting out in agility to serious competitors. We welcome people of all ages, abilities, and goals who enjoy the sport of agility and love working with all purebred and mixed breed dogs.

Skyline's 25th Anniversary - October 2019

... still growing and evolving with the times!! 


Our 10th Anniversary - October 2004

Some of Skyline's founding members (*and a few of the original dogs!)

Pictured (L to R):

Dave Seligman and Tuney, Phoebe Teramoto and Murphy, Stephanie Staszak and Taylor*, Bonnie Clauss and Chester*,

Joey Bourgholtzer and Peggy*, Sue Doelling and Penny*, Helen Sherman and Cali,
Mary-Anne Gross and Sally*, Kathy Mackintosh and Peri, Betsi Hartman and Maggi Mae.

* = one of Skyline's original dogs