Class Descriptions

Puppy/Foundation: Open to dogs over 3 months to competing adults - Building communication skills for dogs competing or planning to compete in agility including: Impulse control, Sit, Stay, Positional cues, Behavior shaping, Focus with distraction, Sends and recalls and Building drive. This class is not an obstacle training class.

Beginner: Will include: Introduction to all equipment, fundamental dog and handler skills, short, simple sequences, obedience skills as needed. By the end of the session dogs should be confidently performing all the equipment at some level.

The 1 hour class will have either 6 or 8 dogs depending on the number of instructors.

Beginners 2- A continuation class from beginners for those dogs not quite ready for Advanced Beginners. The dogs will be exposed to full obstacles and weave pole training.

Dogs with overall confidence or motivation issues should stay in the
classes for another 8 week session.

Advanced Beginner: Dogs should have been introduced to all pieces of equipment and are comfortable with most of them, though not necessarily at full height. Seesaw may still need assistance and weave poles are still being taught. Dogs should be able to stay with the handler for short sequences off leash. This class will develop equipment fluency (dogs), handling and teamwork “building block” skills and work on longer sequences.

The Advanced Beginner class will be repeated until the dog meets the standards required for the next level. No dog will be able to progress to the next level without a reliable recall.

Intermediate I: Dogs should be fluent on all equipment – they may still need work on weaves but the dog should be working in a channel or tilted poles. Dogs must to be able to work sequences completely off-leash. They should also have a reliable recall. This is a “pre competition” level class, regardless of whether or not the teams intend to compete. This class will continue to build teamwork and enable handlers to develop basic handling and course strategy skills.

Intermediate II: For dogs competing in Novice or able to successfully run a Novice-level course. There should be no major equipment issues at this level.

Intermediate – Dogs can be anywhere in the intermediate range as described above.

Competition: For dogs competing in Excellent or able to successfully run an Excellent/Elite/Masters level course.

Canine Manners and Canine Good Citizen Classes:

Canine Manners I: Will cover the basic obedience commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Stand and Loose Leash heeling. Other topics covered will be Leave it, Give, Crate training, sitting when approached or petted and cute pet tricks. A variety of positive training methods utilized including clicker based training.

Canine Good Citizen: Preparation for the Canine God Citizen test from the American Kennel Club. Topics will include: accepting a friendly stranger; sitting politely for petting; appearance and grooming; walking on a loose lead; walking through a crowd; sit and down on command; coming when called; reaction to another dog; reaction to distraction;  supervised separation.

The following are some special classes which we offer from time to time. Please see the current class schedule for availability.

Wild Weaves:

Game Strategy: Learn the strategies for success at various agility "games" - Gamblers/Jackpot, Snooker, FAST and more.

Distance: For dogs familiar with basic sends (Novice FAST, Gamblers, Chances, lower levels Jackpot). We will focus on increasing distance to get dogs ready for the upper-level distance challenges and using distance to increase speed in regular classes.

Obstacle Send and Recall: Foundation to independent obstacle execution for distance handling

"But My Dog Does It In Class": working on common issues that pop up at trials due to increased excitement and increased distraction.

Course Analysis: Critiqued run-thrus focusing on planning your strategy and what works for your team

Junior Handler 1: For dogs familiar with jumps, tunnels, dogwalk, A-frame

Junior Handler 2: Dogs familiar with all equipment/ weave poles can be opened

Got Games?: This is a new class open to any team that is trained on all obstacles and wants to work strategic skills for game classes. This class will feature one game per week. For example, Snooker, Wildcard, Fullhouse, Jackpot/Fast/Gamblers…